We are Rubber Chicken Circuit, a newsletter for the political junkie overwhelmed by the mind-numbing amount of political news.

We publish a newsletter each week on Tuesdays. They’re free, fun, and informative.

As we wrote in our first post, the premise of Rubber Chicken Circuit is simple: we want to keep you up-to-date on electoral politics without boring or overwhelming you.

If you love/hate spending time on Twitter, following the machinations of presidential political hopefuls—their ambitious (or not so ambitious) platforms, their place in the polls, their gaffs, and the ridiculousness of it all—but feel overwhelmed, confused or downright depressed by the endless barrage of news, think-pieces and callouts, this is the place for you.

Each week we’ll follow the Democratic candidates for President, detailing their highs and lows. This isn’t just horse-race politics (because what’s the use of knowing a person’s electability if you don’t know what they stand for?), but it’s not just policy either. It’s everything we find interesting, and nothing we don’t. Subscribe, and we’ll do the work of sorting out the good, the bad and the ugly of American politics for you.

Rubber Chicken Circuit is a project of the media collective Study Hall and written by Chris Thomas. Since graduating with Political Science and Peace & Justice Studies degrees in 2015 Chris has worked as Out Magazine’s Digital Managing Editor and had their work published all over the web, including at Out and Paper Magazine.

Oh, and by the way: Rubber Chicken Circuit is a term dating back to 1972 that describes the endless dinners and luncheons, often featuring bland food, that politicians have to attend to become elected President. We think it aptly describes the grinding, often seemingly-absurdist process of running for office in the U.S. But if you feel uncomfortable saying “Rubber Chicken” out loud, you can just call us The Circuit.